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Alex enjoys being active and taking on any challenge that comes her way. Her drive to set goals, train for them and achieve them makes her passionate and inspired about her work to help others do the same.  She has practiced many different disciplines/sports throughout her life and has experience in a variety international competitions such as International Surf Rescue Challenge in New Zealand, World Triathlon Championship in Chicago and Raid International Gaspésie. Working with a range of clients, she has experience with cancer patients, first-time triathletes, runners as well as amateur and professional level athletes. She loves outdoor activities "no matter the nature” and has been driven to learning about body/movement, health and fitness as well as nutrition for over a decade now with no plans on stopping in her studies.


After obtaining a Degree in Exercise Science with a specialization in Athletic Therapy at Concordia University, she went on to become certified in Athletic Therapy (AT) and Coaching in Strength and Conditioning (S+C). Currently she is studying Osteopathy at l’Académie Sutherland d’Ostéopathie du Québec.

A personal trainer since 2012, she began her internship in Athletic Therapy with High Performance in 2013. Assisting as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Athletic Therapist for the off-season training camp of les Alouettes that summer, a year later she became a fully certified Athletic Therapist and S+C Coach. After joining Premiere Performance in 2014 she took the initiative to become a PowerWatts Coach as well.


Alex is an inquisitive person who is passionate about her work and is constantly reaching for more. Noted to be exceptionally perceptive and dedicated to ensuring each individual attains their goals, her corrections and encouragement showcase her incredible skill and attention to technique. She is always exploring the newest advances in her field, and adding them to her practice. Alexandrine uses her natural instincts when tailoring her treatments for each client. This allows her to connect well with clients and their specific needs to achieve their goals in a very comfortable manner. By no means will Alex let you off the hook from working hard to achieve your goals. Regardless of age or situation.

Having worked with so many Athletic Therapists over her studies and into her career, she has come to appreciate the level of detail needed to carry out her tasks. She is about giving it your all, so be ready for a full workout, no slacking, and the full results that come with it. Whether you train or do therapy with her, you won't just attain your goals, you'll surpass them.


Certified Athletic Therapist