Personal Training


As he worked his way up to a professional level in hockey, Cliff developed a passion for strength training and helping others as he learned. Pursuing a career in hockey, he took up boxing and won the Golden Gloves Championship. He later became an on-ice hockey instructor and eventually a personal trainer for off-ice instructing as well. With over 20 years of experience, Cliff has worked with NHL hockey players, Professional Fighters and Elite-Level clientele.


While teaching in hockey schools and strength training alongside NHL hockey players in 1990, he was lead to gain a certification in Personal Training in 1996. Having trained fighters in the boxing ring many years before that, his extensive strength background lead him to Premiere Performance where he has now been for the past 12 years.


Maintaining his own strength training and cardio, Cliff has a passion for sports and fitness. His observant nature makes him good at reading people and gaining the best results. He is known as being tough but fair, with professionalism and extensive knowledge of the health and sports industries.

Recently working with a special needs client, Cliff works to develop a strong focus and strength training knowledge within all of his clients to help them to avoid injury and ensure positive results.  Still an avid hockey player in the winter, between training sessions in the summer you can now see him practicing his golf swing - look out!