The barre fitness class is an energetic 60-minute ballet barre workout available to all fitness levels. It blends deep muscle toning with intervals of fat-blasting cardio techniques. This dance-inspired class combines the fluidity of ballet, the flexibility of yoga and the core strengthening of Pilates. No dance experience is required. A small ball and light weights are generally used in this class along with the ballet bar.



AHIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. The class runs for 60 minutes and involves short interval training done at high-intensity, followed by variable periods of recovery. This type of training maintains your focus throughout a constant variety of challenging exercises. HIIT style training impacts your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems producing faster tness gains, optimizing e ciency and energy production. Not only will you build lean muscle mass but you will continue to burn calories in the hours following your workout.



A combination of movement techniques include the ELDOA methodology, rolling and yoga designed to increase muscular balance and alleviate tension. Various postures are used over a span of 60-minutes to create space within joints and tissues, reduce chronic pain and prevent injury. Benefits include improved flexibility, proprioception and mind-body connection. This class addresses specific physical needs to inform better posture and overall global health. 


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