Massage Therapy


Josée works with a range of clients from accomplished athletes seeking to improve their performance, to people looking to take care of their overall health. Those who know Josée know what characterizes her above all is her dedication. Working with professional athletes in the NHL, MLB ( Russell Martin ) , the American Film industry and movie stars, Josée has been the massage therapist for such large productions as The Day after tomorrow, Lucky Number Sleven, Barney’s Version, X-Men, 300 and The Aviator, to name a few. Certain actors and producers make sure to acquire Josée’s services whenever they’re in Montreal.


Massage therapist Josée has over 15 years of experience. After obtaining her diploma in massage therapy in 1999, she worked at the Synergy Sports Clinic in Laval until 2003. She worked specifically with pregnant women referred by the hospitals of Cité de la Santé, Sainte-Justine and Sacred Heart. Later she directed and supervised the development and implementation of operations and procedures as the Director of the Quintessence Spa Hotel in Mont Tremblant.


Her recognition and admirable reputation is built not only from the quality in her treatment, but also by her collaboration with different therapists, osteopaths, physio, high performance coaches, and other health professionals. She never loses sight of the importance in offering a balanced treatment that meets the customer’s needs.  


As an independent Masso-Kinesitherapist since 1999, her passion for massage therapy has her continuously expanding in training and expertise. She has mastered many specialities including massage for pregnant women, sports massage and “Deep Tissue” myofascial therapy. Her credentials include the method of “isolated assisted stretching”, Namikoshi, integrated Level 1 and 2 fasciatherapy, integrated Level 1 visceral therapy, and Level 1 cranial therapy.