Osteopathy, Strength & Conditioning


Patrick is a Performance Specialist/Osteopathic Practitioner who brings a unique perspective merging the disciplines of fitness and motor development,  athletic performance and osteopathic manual therapy.  Patrick spent two years in the Montreal Canadiens’ organization where his primary role was Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Hamilton Bulldogs, and he also provided osteopathic care for players. Previously, Patrick spent six years as strength and conditioning coach for McGill hockey, while concurrently building and integrating his osteopathic studies & approach. In addition to building valuable experience with numerous NHL/AHL athletes, he has experience working with numerous Olympians and internationally competitive figure skaters. Equally, Patrick enjoys working with the general population as well, as he feels that they too can adopt similar principles to that of pro athletes to upgrade their professional performance and health.


Patrick’s Education and training include: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist- NSCA (CSCS, 2007), Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (UNB, 2007), Master’s degree in Biomechanics (McGill, 2009), D.O (Qc) Osteopathy (CEO, 2017 member of Ostéopathie Quebec). Additionally, he has completed the Certified Performance Specialist program through EXOS, is a certified Reconditioning Specialist having completed Reconditioning levels 1,2, and mentorship programs, and is a certified Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) member and Y-Balance tester through Functional movement systems (FMS).


His approach is to provide osteopathic manual therapy to address biomechanical barriers (e.g., articular, soft tissue, visceral, and cranial etc) that may prevent structures of the body from moving or functioning optimally, and can lead to tissue breakdown or dysfunction. Patrick combines performance and reconditioning systems with osteopathy to help clients minimize and/or manage injuries and functional disturbances, while establishing sustainable high performance practices. His approach relies on the promotion of optimal strategies of movement, recovery, mindset, and nutrition.


Member of Osteopathy Quebec

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Certified Performance Specialist

Selective Functional Movement Assessment