Paulo is an applied Sports Physiologist and endurance coach and works as a consultant to organizations and athletes offering outside the box strategies and solutions to optimize high performance. Paulo combines the practical experience of training and racing, with a solid scientific foundation to develop blended programs to help athletes achieve peak performance. He has also used his experience in working with power for endurance cyclists and triathletes to help develop an indoor group cycling system called PowerWatts, used by P2 and over 20 other locations around the world.


Paulo has a diverse competitive background in multiple sports. He was a professional Ironman triathlete from 1988-1993 and the first Canadian under 9hrs in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. He has competed in Ironman competitions, UCI road cycling races,  and collegiate cross country running and swimming. He was also the first Canadian to complete the gruelling solo Race Across America (RAAM).  Paulo also has many years of laboratory experience with physiological testing on elite athletes from many different sports.


His areas of specialization include, high intensity protocols to improve performance in athletes who have hit a plateau. Building big picture (macro) plans and small picture (micro) plans to optimize athletic performance.


McGill University - Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology