Athletic Therapy, Strength & Conditioning


Scott merges his ability to identify and correct movement dysfunction with his knowledge and experience in performance training to build athletes that are robust and who perform to the highest levels of their ability.



Scott has been working in the field of athletic performance for close to thirty years.  He is renown for his dedication to building more efficient, effective and resilient athletes.  He has trained athletes at every level including executive athletes, college athletes, professional athletes and numerous Olympic medalists.



Certified as an Athletic Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the late 80’s Scott worked for Concordia University’s Varsity Athletics program through the 90’s until he was hired by the New York Islanders of the NHL.  He moved to the New York Rangers from 1999-2001 and then came back home to Montreal in 2001 to work for the Montreal Canadiens.  He was also a part time professor at Concordia University through the 90’s and continues to teach privately with the educational company High Performance Sport he owns with his wife Jaime.

In the early 2000’s he began working with a fledgling project that would later be known as B2ten.  This foundation assists Canadian Olympic athletes and Scott has been a part of its leadership group since its inception as well as being one of the principle performance support professionals.


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Certified Athletic Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist