Athletic Therapist to top level athletes, professional, Olympic and weekend warriors, Seb understands the workings of elite level athletics. His work experience extends to a wide range of clientele of all ages and athletic backgrounds.

Working with top level athletes since 2012, he looks to assist them in achieving their highest physical potential while also preventing potential future injuries. His expertise is based in taking care of players to get the most out of them for every game, and treating them so that they can last all season long. He is passionate about learning and he is always looking for new ways to treat and train his clients.


Sebastian graduated from Concordia University, Majoring in Exercise Science with a specialization in Athletic Therapy - becoming a fully Certified Athletic Therapist by 2014. Throughout his time in school he worked as an athletic trainer for hockey and soccer players at Athletic Republic, did a field internship at Dawson College providing emergency care and injury management to men’s soccer, basketball and women’s hockey teams and interned with Rugby Canada’s men’s and women’s senior 7’s Olympic team. This is where he was introduced to B2Ten, and eventually High Performance. He completed his studies at Concordia while entering into a clinical internship with High Performance. He quickly fell in love with the High Performance approach to treating and training their athletes. Now under the new name of Premiere Performance, he provides summer hockey training camps for elite level athletes and has also assisted the Athletic Therapy staff during the Montreal Canadiens development camp, as well with emergency care, assessment and treatment of injuries since 2016.


Having being exposed to many different treatment styles, he uses a holistic approach to treatment and training. Seb assesses your full body movements to look for any dysfunctions.  Seb is able to assess and correct movement dysfunctions quickly for his client efficiently throughout his training sessions. His clients benefit from his extensive knowledge in quality training and injury prevention.


Certified Athletic Therapist
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
Certified Soft Tissue Release
Certified in Selective Functional Movement Analysis (SFMA)
Sports First Responder Certified
CPR/AED Certified