Scott has been working in the field of athletic performance for close to thirty years.  He is renown for his dedication to building more efficient, effective and resilient athletes.  He has trained athletes at every level including executive athletes, college athletes, professional athletes and numerous Olympic medalists.



Jaime specializes in movement efficiency. As an athletic therapist and conditioning coach, she uses her expertise to help clientele of all abilities and backgrounds to move well and feel better doing so.

She has worked in settings such as private sports medicine clinics and fitness centres, with groups and sports teams as well as individual athletes.

She shares her knowledge through providing private courses, internships and workshops that share her methodology for reconditioning and improving movement.



Vincent has been involved in a sports milieu since he took his first steps; either by participating in a wide variety of sport but mostly playing hockey at a highly competitive level for over 15 years. Vincent knows what it takes to be a successful athlete as he was faced with the reality of being a high level athlete since adolescence. Therefore pursuing a career where sports are the central component, whether by training or by rehabilitation, was an easy decision to make.



Beth is regarded as an expert in her field and, as a result, has worked with a wide range of clients: weekend warriors to Olympic and professional athletes, and everything in between. Beth rebuilds clients based upon their activity, lifestyle or athletic goals. Whether it is pain-free activity or improved performance, her systematic approach is the same: identify where you currently are, where you want to be and what plan will help you get there.



Keeping active his whole life, participating in numerous sports: soccer, hockey, martial arts, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, football, volleyball, and basketball. His passion for athletics has led him to devote his career to working with athletes and those committed to physical activity.

His strong understanding of the demands that sports play on the body and his drive to help others achieve their goals have inspired him to work at the highest levels and achieve great results with weekend warriors, B2ten, professional athletes, and even Olympic athletes.



Patrick is a Performance Specialist/Osteopathic Practitioner who brings a unique perspective merging the disciplines of fitness and motor development,  athletic performance and osteopathic manual therapy.  Patrick spent two years in the Montreal Canadiens’ organization where his primary role was Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Hamilton Bulldogs, and he also provided osteopathic care for players. Previously, Patrick spent six years as strength and conditioning coach for McGill hockey, while concurrently building and integrating his osteopathic studies & approach. In addition to building valuable experience with numerous NHL/AHL athletes, he has experience working with several Olympians and internationally competitive figure skaters. Equally, Patrick enjoys working with the general population as well, as he feels that they too can adopt similar principles to that of pro athletes to upgrade their professional performance and health.



John’s interest in working with athletes comes from a lifetime of activity and participation in competitive sports. John remains active in several sports including hockey, golf, running, cycling and cross-country skiing.

He has accumulated an extensive continuing education list over his career including courses on myofascial release, mobilization of the myofascial system, McKenzie approach, TMJ treatment, reconditioning and more.



Marie-Hélène is a Registered Dietitian who holds a Masters in Sports Nutrition from Montreal University. With a solid background in alpine skiing, she regularly conducts professional development courses and writes articles as the nutrition expert for the Canadian Ski Instructor’s Association. Having participated in B2Ten’s sport nutrition mentorship program, she has provided nutritional advice to all levels of athlete.



Alex enjoys being active and taking on any challenge that comes her way. Her drive to set goals, train for them and achieve them makes her passionate and inspired about her work to help others do the same.  She has practiced many different disciplines/sports throughout her life and has experience in a variety international competitions such as International Surf Rescue Challenge in New Zealand, World Triathlon Championship in Chicago and Raid International Gaspésie. Working with a range of clients, she has experience with cancer patients, first-time triathletes, runners as well as amateur and professional level athletes. She loves outdoor activities "no matter the nature” and has been driven to learning about body/movement, health and fitness as well as nutrition for over a decade now with no plans on stopping in her studies.



Athletic Therapist to professional, Olympic athletes and weekend warriors, Seb understands the workings of elite level athletics. His work experience extends to a wide range of clientele of all ages and athletic backgrounds.

Working with top level athletes since 2012, he looks to assist them in achieving their highest physical potential while also preventing potential future injuries. His expertise is based in taking care of players to get the most out of them for every game, and treating them so that they can last all season long. He is passionate about learning and he is always looking for new ways to treat and train his clients.



Building functional bodies from the casual athlete to elite, Marc Nadeau is our most recent addition to the P2 Clinic and Athletic Therapist team. Having invested in the sporting world from a young age, Marc completed his studies at Concordia University in Exercise Science with a specialization in Athletic Therapy. He has worked with Beaconsfield Rugby, Concordia Rugby and John Abbott College Football teams attending to immediate sport-related demands. Marc has recently received extensive training in ELDOA (Levels 1 & 2). His work is overall biomechanics focussed, with attention paid to getting the proper muscular systems to engage. He also works with soft tissue release and provides corrective exercises to help you achieve your best posture in anything that you do.



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