With a passion for the outdoors, Rob started his career as a white water canoe guide, eventually getting into marathon running. Unable to count how many races in total, Rob has completed over 15 Ironmans including 5 Hawaii Ironmans as well as 5 Boston Marathons. Rob began coaching cycling and naturally progressed into providing wilderness trips, cycling trips, cross-country ski outings and trainings.



Tracy enjoys a variety of sports. While she trained as a competitive gymnast in her younger days, she loves to stay active and fit doing a variety of fitness classes and outdoor activities. Although she runs a busy household with her 3 very active children, she can often be found cycling or running along the canal.  She leads HIIT bootcamps and Ballet Barre fitness classes at P2. She does small group trainings upon request and has a variety of clients for 1 on 1 private sessions. Tracy spends her summers in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA where she teaches outdoor bootcamp/HIIT classes.



Lloyd has always been interested in sports since a young age. He enjoys staying up-to-date on the industry and has always worked closely within it. Playing rugby through University he appreciates physical fitness at the gym and gained an interest in personal training. Through his experience he understands the hard work and dedication required to maintain a healthy, balanced, and athletic body. Working with amateur athletes and a range of elite-level clientele, he also lectures in Exercise Science at the University of Concordia to inspire young minds with his extensive knowledge.



A true pioneer, Ann McMillan was the first instructor to bring Pilates to the province of Québec when she opened the Centre Pilates de Montréal in 1992. She discovered Pilates while pursuing a dance career in New York City in the 80's, and went on to complete her Master's thesis in Exercise Science at the University of Montreal where she continues to lecture today. Her graduate work was first to establish a scientific link between Pilates and improved dynamic posture in ballet dancers.



As he worked his way up to a professional level in hockey, Cliff developed a passion for strength training and helping others as he learned. Pursuing a career in hockey, he took up boxing and won the Golden Gloves Championship. He later became an on-ice hockey instructor and eventually a personal trainer for off-ice instructing as well. With over 20 years of experience, Cliff has worked with NHL hockey players, Professional Fighters and Elite-Level clientele.



Son entrée tardive dans le monde du cyclisme professionnelle au sein de la première équipe professionnelle québécoise, RONA a été le point de départ d'une expérience de vie exceptionnelle et extrêmement enrichissante. C'est d'ailleurs un plaisir d'en partager ses apprentissages, depuis 2005, en conférence, auprès de public de tous genres ; gens d'affaires, athlètes en devenir, étudiants, etc.



Client Services

Michael fell in love with hockey when he was a kid. He played competitively into his teens and then later on at a more relaxed level. Cycling was also always part of Michael’s life, he now races at a master level. In 2000, running peaked his interest as an opportunity to lose weight. Within his first year he ran 3 marathons and lost 25lbs. At that same time, he became inspired by Canadian Triathlete Simon Whitfield winning Gold at the Sydney Olympics. With an inability to swim, Michael was not quite sure how he could do it, but after a few more years of marathons he finally signed up for swimming lessons. His triathlon levels increased slowly into Ironman distances. He has competed in several Ironman races including the World Championships in Hawaii.



As a Pilates instructor at Ann McMillan Pilates, Roxane has taught a wide variety of customers from deconditioned seniors to high performance athletes. She was engaged in the training of the Canadian Synchronized Swimming Team and skier Jennifer Heil.


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